Personal Info:
Real Name: Georges Batroc
Also Known As: Monsieur Lapin, The Leaper
Place Of Birth: Marseilles, France
First Appearance: Tales Of Suspense Vol.2 #75 (1966) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Living Laser, Machete, Porcupine, Swordsman, Whirlwind, Zaran
Group Affiliation: Leader of Batroc's Brigade, HYDRA
Base Of Operations: France, Worldwide
Grudges: Captain America
Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
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Batroc has no superhuman powers however he is at the peak of physical fitness and is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. He is a master of Savate the French form of kickboxing and is extremely agile; he is capable of leaping more than 20 feet.
Batroc trained himself in savate while in the French Foreign Legion, and later became a costumed mercenary. Although originally working alone, he began and continues to often recruit fellow rogues and criminals when a job may require it. His mercenary adventures often led him into criminal activities, and thus he has clashed and continues to clash with many superheroes and costumed crime fighters, notably Captain America.
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