Dark Raider
Dark Raider
Personal Info:
Real Name: Reed Richards (Earth-944)
Also Known As: Mister Fantastic, The Great Enemy of humanity
Place Of Birth: Earth-944
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 #387 (1994) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Aron the Rogue Watcher
Group Affiliation: Formerly Fantastic Four
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Fantastic Four
Creators: Tom DeFalco and Paul Ryan
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Hyper-Intelligence: Dark Raiderís natural genius was greatly augmented by the Cosmic Rays that gave him his powers.
Plasticity: Dark Raider possesses the ability to convert the mass of his entire body into a highly malleable state at will. How his body's respiration and circulatory systems function at these distorted extremes is as yet unknown. Dark Raider can alter his form in a matter of seconds, often much less (depending on the complexity of the shape), and revert to his normal humanoid shape within a similar time. The greater the distance he stretches or the more extended the size of the object he becomes, the weaker his overall strength becomes. Dark Raider's transformation to a malleable state is reflexive and nearly instantaneous: if he was at his normal form and taken unaware by machine gun fire, his body would still absorb the bullets' impact through radical deformation. Dark Raider's skin is virtually impervious to laceration or punctures unless he willfully relaxes his reflexive control over small areas of his body. In that case, scalpels and ordinary needles can penetrate his skin.
Elongation: Dark Raider can extend his limbs, torso, or neck to great distances: the maximum length he can distend before his body segments become painful is about 1,500 feet. (Although he can extend discrete body parts, such as a single finger, an ear, or an eye, he seldom if ever isolates such parts in his elongations.)
Shape Changing: Dark Raider can stretch, deform, expand, or compress his entire body or parts thereof into any contiguous shape he can imagine.
Costume: As the Dark Raider he wears a costume granting him numerous abilities; he can teleport across space or between realities; lift objects of great weight; generate a paralyzingly cold mist; project a virtually impenetrable force field; project ionic energies; project fatal energy blasts; project a "Tornado-Whip,"; fire a gas from his glove that caused gravity to increase geometrically (incapacitating even the Thing); utilize heat and other sensors to locate the Invisible Woman; project an Encaso-Globe, that homed in on even an exceptionally swift target,; adjust his force field to take shape and attack an opponent; hurl a number of crystals that swiftly grow to the size of boulders and bury targets; and cast foes back with a wave of force.
Dark Raider is a counterpart of Reed Richards from Earth-944. When he entered the ship of Galactus to search for the Ultimate Nullifier, this Reed was distracted by all the technology around him. While he looked around, Galactus was free to consume his world. Realizing what he had done, Reed was consumed with self-loathing. He sought to destroy all versions of himself throughout the various realities.
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