Personal Info:
Real Name: Harlan Ryker
Also Known As: Homo Ascendant
Place Of Birth: Earth-7484
First Appearance: Astonishing Tales Vol.1 #33 (1976) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Doomsday Mech
Group Affiliation: Project: Alpha-Mech
Base Of Operations: Long Island, New York, Earth-7484
Grudges: Captain America and Deathlok
Creators: Bill Mantlo and Rich Buckler.
Hellinger was an expert in cybernetic technology, weapons and surveillance equipment design, and genetics. He designed a clone of Luther Manning, which served as his silent companion.
Enhanced Abilities: Hellinger has super human strength, agility, durability and endurance.
Body Armour: Hellinger is a cyborg (cybernetic organism), and as such is composed of a combination of mechanical and organic parts. he has a degree of protection from physical and energy attacks.
Technopathy:Hellringer possesses a type of cybernetic telepathy, enabling him to control other machines and computers.
Enhanced Senses: Hellinger has a number of "Terminal Eyes", which monitor events throughout New York, allowing him to be aware of virtually everything going on.
Doomsday Mech's: Hellringer controls armies of Doomsday Mechs, cyborg warriors, more machine than man. These mech's are walking plutonium bombs, designed to detonate on command in heavily populated areas to exterminate humanity.
Harlan Ryker, Hellinger, was a researcher for the Brand Corporation, working in bionics and cybernetics.
Hellinger is part of an alternate reality in which Roxxon's Nth Command banished all of the super-heroes to extra-dimensional realms where most, if not all, were instantly killed. Roxxon then staged a coup on the USA, which resulted in mass chaos and no clear victor. A number of separate factions struggled for control, including the CIA, the military, and other splinter groups.
Hellinger became an expert in cybernetics. His brother, Simon, received severe damage to his legs and spine after an altercation with their world's Dr. Doom, and Hellinger gave him cybernetic replacements.
Together, Hellinger and Simon spear-headed Project: Alpha-Mech, designed to build armies of cyborg super soldiers. It was Hellinger who converted the injured soldier, Luther Manning, into the cyborg warrior Deathlok the Demolisher. Simon wished to use the cyborgs to take control of the USA (and then the world).
Hellinger, however, saw perfection in the cyborg form, in contrast to the chaos of humanity. He planned to use the army of these warriors, whom he referred to as Homo Ascendant, to exterminate humanity, and replace it with semi-lobotomized cyborgs under his control. This would rid the world of the chaos and "shades of gray" he hated, and replace it with a species which worshipped order. To this end Hellinger took Project: Alpha Mech and broke away from the military. Hellinger continued to advance his process, converting himself into a cyborg. He also continued advancing his Alpha-Mechs.
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