Personal Info:
Real Name: Stephen Strange
Also Known As: Doctor Strange
Place Of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Counter-Earth
First Appearance: Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Vol.1 #46 (1992) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Magus
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Doctor Strange
Creators: Roy Thomas and Geof Isherwood
Magic: Necromancer has considerable mystical abilities due to his training under Counter- Earth's counterpart of the Ancient One, roughly approximating those of the true Doctor Strange, although he does not have the experience of his counterpart on Earth-616 due to his having been incapacitated by Eternity for a long period of time. However, during his captivity by Eternity, he managed to absorb some power from Eternity, which left him much more powerful than most human sorcerers.
Necromancer was the Stephen Strange of Counter-Earth. Counter-Earth was not actually an alternate Earth or a parallel Earth, but rather, it represented a duplicate of the true Earth created by the High Evolutionary, who placed it in on the opposite side of the sun and cloaked its existence from observers. Counter-Earth's occupants, however, believed themselves to exist as the true Earth, and accordingly had corresponding false memories that approximated the human civilization of Earth-616. Further, the High Evolutionary even managed to create copies of tomes of mystical knowledge such as the Book of Vishanti.
The Stephen Strange of Counter-Earth had a history roughly similar to his true Earth counterpart. The haughty surgeon was in a career-crippling car accident that led him to the bowels of despair. Eventually, he made his way to Tibet, where he became a student of the Ancient One. However, the Baron Mordo of Counter-Earth managed to slay the Ancient One of Counter-Earth. Enraged, Strange slew his world's Mordo. By the time he killed Mordo, Strange had had many adventures paralleling those of his true Earth counterpart.
Studying the slain Ancient One's scrolls, Strange increased his power. Adopting the alias of Necromancer, he began a highly public career. His ambition grew, and, as he had less maturity than his Earth-616 counterpart due to his having had less counsel from the Ancient One, he resolved to conquer Counter-Earth, and also Earth-616, whose existence he discovered mystically.
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