Doctor Angst
Doctor Angst
Personal Info:
Real Name: Floyd Mangles
Also Known As: Master of Mundane Mysticism, Conjurer of the Commonplace, Wizard the Weltschmerz
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Marvel Treasury Edition Vol.1 #12 (1976) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Black Hole, Spanker, Sitting Bullseye, Tillie the Hun
Group Affiliation: Band of the Bland
Base Of Operations: New Jersey
Grudges: She-Hulk, Defenders and Howard the Duck
Creators: Steve Gerber and Sal Buscema
Magic: Doctor Angst has certain magical abilities. He can perform feats of great power, but uses more mundane items and mundane magical entities to accomplish them. For example, he uses a Dropcloth of Invisibility and the Pedestrian Prognosticator (a shoe which enables him to locate and view other people or things). He summoned the Plunger of Patooti to reverse suction on a black hole, creating the Cosmic Blowhole. He escaped from prison by conjuring a giant drill and escaping on the Inflatable Orbs of Igg. He ingested a 14 year old Eucha-Ritz cracker to transform from his civilian identity to Dr. Angst.
Dr. Angst was first observed when he was hired by unknown parties to assassinate the then presidential candidate for the All Night Party, Howard the Duck. He chose a group of mediocre would-be villains and organized them as the Band of the Bland to assist him. He duped the Band into believing that they were in it solely to rise above their current levels and to achieve fame. Angst also tricked them into believing he had enhanced their powers by ingesting the metal Promethium, which amounts to a mystic placebo.
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