Black Hole
Black Hole
Personal Info:
Real Name: Morton Kribbee
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Marvel Treasury Edition Vol.1 #12 (1976) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Doctor Angst, Spanker, Sitting Bullseye, Tillie the Hun
Group Affiliation: Band of the Bland
Base Of Operations: Ravencroft Mental Institution
Grudges: She-Hulk, Defenders and Howard the Duck
Creators: Steve Gerber and Tom Artis
Black Hole Generation: Black Hole is able to generate a powerful suction, similar to the gravity of a black hole, into the hole in his chest. The hole is apparently a portal to another pocket dimension. There is no known limit to the amount of material he can hold; it is presumably affected by his will power.
Morton Kribbee claims to have been mutated by exposure to a grain of white dwarf star matter. He was one of four mediocre would-be super-villains recruited by Dr. Angst to form the Band of the Bland. Their first mission was to assassinate Howard the Duck, who was at the time the presidential candidate for the All Night Party. Angst duped them into believing that they were in it solely to rise above their current levels and achieve fame.
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