Brothers Grimm
Brothers Grimm
Personal Info:
Real Name: Nathan Dolly
Also Known As: Mister Doll, Jacob and William Dolly
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Spider-Woman Vol.1 #3 (1978) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Madame Doll
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Spider-Woman
Creators: Marv Wolfman and Carmine Infantino
As the Brothers Grimm, Nathan Dolly's spirit co-inhabited a pair of life-sized manikins which could he could animate individually (as Brother Grimm) or simultaneously. The Brothers Grimm's precise physical abilities and limitations were unknown.
Magic: The Brothers Grimm could conjure a variety of novelty items with special offensive capabilities. The objects appeared as if by sleight of hand, and seemed to be limited to a size that can be held with one hand. Apparently they could conjure whatever items they could imagine; the limit to the number of items they could conjure in rapid succession is not known. Among the items they conjured are knockout gas, dehydrating gas, detachable exploding hands, exploding Grimm grenades, hard beans that served as throwing weapons, a pile of dough-like material that could adhere to the face of its target. They have also used conventional weapons, such as an axe or anything they could get their hands upon.
Flight: The Brothers Grimm have employed floating five-pointed stars or small cloud banks to perch upon, and upon which they can travel at moderate speed.
Nathan Dolly was a world traveller and doll collector who received two wooden dolls from a old toymaker that resided in the Wundagore Mountain. The evil entity Chthon was imprisoned on the mountain in the Balkans of Central Europe where his mystical energies had infused the entire area including the trees. The toy maker had carved two death effigies from the wood that possessed magical potential and told Dolly that he could animate the figures by projecting his life essence into them. Dolly made the fatal mistake of projecting himself into both dolls at once and his spirit was trapped in them permanently. Dolly managed to mail his doll-selves to his wife Priscilla back in America. Priscilla studied the occult and discovered a way for her husband to transfer his spirit from the dolls into two full-sized manikins that adopted the deathly garb. The two manikins were brought to life and dubbed the Brothers Grimm.
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