Personal Info:
Real Name: James Arthur "Jamie" Madrox
Also Known As: Doomlock
Place Of Birth: Forge's Aerie, Eagle Plaza, Dallas, Texas
First Appearance: X-Factor Vol.3 #45 (2009) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Anthony Falcone, Tryp
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: X-Factor
Creators: Peter David, Marco Santucci and Valentine De Landro
Cortex was originally a duplicate of Madrox the Multiple Man, but because of alterations made by Tryp and Anthony Falcone, with technology taken from Doctor Doom, Cortex has gained the following powers:
Enhanced Abilities: Cortex has a degree of super human strength, durability and endurance.
Doomlock: Cortex is equipped with a chronal variance inhibitor, originally designed by Doctor Doom, which stops the creation of divergent timelines. Possessing a doomlock turns one into an "invariable", allowing one to go back in time to change the future, instead of creating alternate ones. The only caveat is due to the energies involved, that one must become a cybernetic organism, with the technology bonded to the body, becoming more machine than man.
Mental Possession: Cortex is able to mentally dominate and control several people at once. Cortex has stated that his abilities are considerable, but not infinite, and that there are only so many places he can look at once. He can gain control of individuals either through physical contact made with tentacle branches protruding from his eyes or from psychic contact through one of his already possessed minions.
Teleportation: Cortex has also been shown opening teleportation portals.
Energy Discharge: Cortex can create energy blasts from his hands.
Regenerative Abilities: Cortex possesses some advanced healing capabilities. He was able to survive M punching a hole through his chest, and one of Longshot's throwing knives to the back of his head.
According to Forge after M-Day, all potential futures with mutantkind flatlined. However, when the mutant since M-Day was born two new futures popped up. To explore these new futures, Cyclops and Emma Frost recruited the help of Madrox the Multiple Man. Madrox and Layla Miller travelled to Eagle Plaza in Dallas, Texas to meet with Forge. Madrox create two dupes to send into the two remaining mutant futures who would recover all the information they could and then die so their memories would transfer to Madrox. Cortex was one of these two dupes.
Once this dupe had gained the information about this mutant future he attempted to return home. By unknown means he became trapped in a vortex where time did not exist. It was here that he was captured by Tryp and Anthony Falcone. Tryp and Falcone then made massive alterations to him and added cybernetic modification to turn him into a doomlock, a being that could alter time without creating divergent timelines. He had become Cortex.
Cortex was then sent back in time with instructions to kill specific key individuals who progeny would become leaders of the Summers Rebellion. To accomplish this, Cortex could mentally control several people at once.
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