Personal Info:
Real Name: Zzzax
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Consolidated Edison power plant, New York
First Appearance: Incredible Hulk Vol.1 166
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Ally Of Graviton
Base Of Operations: USA
Grudges: The Hulk
Creators: Steve Englehart and Herb Trimpe
Gallery: Click
Energy Being: Zzzax is a being of pure energy-- "a semi-sentient electromagnetic construct of psionic energy." This gives him vast powers: his touch is deadly, he can fire bolts of energy as well as controlling magnetic force, he is able to fly and travel through electrical lines, and can appear as tall as 40 feet. He has even been seen controlling individuals through psionic means.
Body Armour: As an energy being Zzzax is highly resistant to physical and energy attacks. He is however vulnerable to attacks that absorb, ground, or control his energy.
Enhanced Abilities: Zzzax has enhanced strength, and endurance thanks to his unique nature.
A chain reaction in an atomic reactor (a result of a terrorist attack) had the accident of creating a force that absorbed the electrolytes of the nearby humans' brains, granting the explosion sentience. The creature went on a rampage, absorbing more intelligence, Zzzax was born.