Personal Info:
Real Name: Burtram Worthington
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Centerport, Long Island, New York
First Appearance: Ka-Zar Vol.1 #2 (1970) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Dr. Stuart
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Angel and the X-Men
Creators: Jerry Siegel and George Tuska
Light Manipulation: Dazzler has designed a light-manipulating costume which can blind others or disrupt their nervous systems. He also created costumes for his hired muscle that gave off minute chemoid particles which he could trace with his “dazzler-beams” and alter into anti-matter, allowing him to disintegrate any of his goons who chose to betray him.
Genius: Dazzler is a genius inventor, his inventions include ray blasters, a teleporter, a giant diamond-powered laser and a brainwashing device.
Denied a share of his father’s fortune, Burtram “Burt” Worthington turned to a life of crime. After serving a jail term, Burt approached his brother, Warren Jr., for help in supposedly starting afresh in life; however, Burt instead became the costumed criminal the Dazzler, and used his brother’s money to finance an illegal diamond-smuggling syndicate. From his secret base beneath the Statue of Liberty, the Dazzler sought world conquest.
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