Personal Info:
Real Name: Oscuram
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents Vol.1 #131 (1993) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Mephisto, Spohrrinox
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Luke Cage and Ghost Rider
Creators: Karl Bollers, Freddy Mendez & Jonathan Holdredge
Telepathy: Darklove has vast telepathic powers. His powers enable him to read minds and possess humans. His telepathic powers grow with each murder his human pawns commit. The more people who were killed, the more he could control.
Transformation: Darklove can transform back into the page he was imprisoned in anytime. In the form of the page he has flown on the wind.
Hellfire: Darklove has used a bow and arrow of hellfire as a weapon.
Millennia ago Darklove was part of Mephisto's army. He was in love with a beautiful demoness, but Mephisto didn't like the feelings between them and made her his betrothed. Darklove waged war against his former master to free his beloved from the betrothal and after centuries of war he seemed victorious. With Mephisto's head in his hand Darklove celebrated the victory with his followers only to learn that he was tricked by Mephisto. His beloved standing next to him turned into Mephisto and the head in Darklove's hand became the head of his former love. Mephisto laid a curse on Darklove to always perform the opposite of love and imprisoned him in a "love spell". The page became part of the Darkhold and Darklove stayed within the book for a very long time.
A group of smugglers brought the page with Darklove to New York City and sold it to a collector, who soon summoned Darklove. Darklove began to possess different people in New York and made them kill their lovers. Ten days later he had already murdered four people. The last of those victims was the super-model Harmony Young who had strong ties to Luke Cage.
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