Yelena Belova
Yelena Belova
Personal Info:
Real Name: Yelena Belova
Also Known As: Black Widow, Super-Adaptoid, Little Spider, Rooskaya, Minister of State
Place Of Birth: Ukraine
First Appearance: Inhumans Vol.2 #5 (1999) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: A.I.M.
Group Affiliation: A.I.M.; formerly Lady Liberators, KGB, Black Widow Ops Program, S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra, Vanguard
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Avengers, Secret Avengers and Black Widow
Creators: Devin Grayson and J. G. Jones
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Yelena is extensively trained in espionage and various forms of armed and unarmed combat, being a master martial artist. She is highly intelligent and is an Olympic level gymnast.
Weapons: Yelena wears wrist cartridges contain various tools of the spy trade: Tear-gas pellets, electric blasts (her Widow’s bite), a radio transmitter, Spring-loaded cable and a small device capable of emitting a high-frequency electrostatic charge.
Power Duplication: As the Super-Adaptoid, Yelena was capable of copying the powers, abilities, technological enhancements (such as Iron Man's armour) and weaknesses of those around her. Her physical appearance would also change to that of the person or persons whose powers she absorbed.
At age 15, Yelena was chosen as a candidate to become the new Black Widow, as Natasha Romanova was no longer loyal only to Russia. She trained for roughly a decade under Vasilievich Pyotr Starkovsky at the espionage academy known as the Red Room, the same facility in which Romanova had trained. Unbeknownst to Yelena, as she grew older, Starkovsky became obsessed with her, paying another woman, Petra, to don Yelena’s costume and satisfy his desires. Petra eventually became psychotic and killed Starkovsky. It was only after Yelena slew Petra and avenged her mentor that she truly accepted her role as the Black Widow.
Graduating from the Red Room, Yelena became the first student to surpass Romanova’s marks. Eager to prove herself better than Natasha and establish sole claim to the title of Black Widow.
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