Personal Info:
Real Name: Ulysses Klaw
Also Known As: Master of Sound, Ronald Pershing
Place Of Birth: Vlaardingen, Netherlands
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 #53 (1966) Silver Age Villain
Known Associates: Solarr, Molecule Man, Doctor Doom, Wizard, Crimson Cowl, Hydro-Man, Titania, Mad Thinker
Group Affiliation: Formerly Army of Evil, Intelligencia, Frightful Four, Masters of Evil, Fearsome Foursome, Pacific Overlords, Klaw's Team
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Black Panther and The Fantastic Four
Creators: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby
Gallery: Click
Solid Sound Body: Klaw possesses a number of superhuman physical powers stemming from his body's conversion into an extra-physical energy form. In some as yet unknown way, Klaw's body is a stable energy form possessing mass and sentience. This form is not bound by conventional human limitations: Klaw does not need food or sleep, nor can he be harmed by penetration wounds, disease, shock of impact, oxygen deprivation, etc. Klaw's body can in fact be vivisected into many pieces without killing him and these pieces can be fused back together by simply touching them to one another. He can only exist in a medium that allows the propagation of sound waves: he would dissipate in a vacuum. Since his body is quasi-solid, he can be touched by physical objects. Although it would cause no permanent damage, a sufficiently powerful blow may not only stagger him but cause temporary unconsciousness. (This occurs when the impact creates a counter frequency that is disharmonious to that of his body). Klaw can maintain his "sonic state" indefinitely, in which he can be completely intangible by being made of sound. He cannot transform back into his original organic state. His form is resistant, if not immune, to telepathy. Klaw's body has an incredibly superior strength, speed, and endurance than those of the most trained athletes.
Sound Generation: Klaw can bodily transform ambient sound for a variety of uses through his prosthetic sound converter. He can' project waves of intense, high-volume sound (maximum loudness: 170 decibels), capable of deafening anyone within a .6 mile radius. He can convert sound into controlled blasts of concussive force with a maximum force equivalent to 3,000 pounds of TNT. He can also create 3-dimensional, mobile sound/mass constructs possessing such complex forms as those of animals. He shapes and animates these constructs by mental command and they only remain in existence for as long as he wills them. Not possessed of the sentient life force that his own sonic form is, the constructs are not nearly as invulnerable. The constructs also can be used to fuse with a human body and be able to survive for a longer period of time and command other sound constructs, though it also causes the host's body to also deteriorate when they do.
Immortality and Indestructibility: Klaw is virtually immortal, even if his body is destroyed, absorbed by vibranium or lost in a vacuum. This is because Klaw can return immediately upon being in contact with sound again or has a means to expand. Klaw's mental essence remains dispersed until sonic vibrations provide energy to rebuild his body.
Sound Converter: Klaw wears a prosthetic device composed of molybdenum steel which contains a miniature version of his sound converter machine. The artificial hand is attached to his sound/mass body by as yet unknown means. Klaw activates the circuitry of the device by pseudo-cybernetic commands.
Ulysses Klaue was the son of Nazi war criminal Colonel Fritz Klaue. After World War II he moved back to Belgium and later anglicized his name to "Klaw," and raised his son with tales of Wakanda.
In adulthood, Ulysses became a physicist working in the field of applied sonics at the Technical University at Delft. He designed a sound transducer able to convert sound waves into physical mass, but the theoretical element necessary to make his device work was Vibranium, a substance known to exist only in certain meteoric deposits in the small African nation of Wakanda. Desperate for a sample, Klaw organized a group of mercenaries to help him seize the element from the Wakandans, and bought intel on how to access Wakanda from Hydra.
After the Wakandan king and bearer of the royal mantle of the Black Panther, T'Chaka, refused to yield any of the metal from the sacred mound, Klaw and his mercenaries opened fire. When Klaw's sonic weapons overpowered T'Chaka, the young prince T'Challa ran to his father's aid. Klaw prepared to kill T'Challa, but T'Chaka shielded the boy with his body, and lost his life. Klaw was disarmed by Wakandan warrior Zuri, who pierced Ulysses' right arm with a spear, and the orphan prince used Klaw's own sonic blaster to shatter his right hand, prompting him to call his troops to retreat.
Ten years later, he mounted a second attack on the Wakandans. He was opposed by the Fantastic Four and T'Challa, now the Black Panther, who had succeeded his father as ruler. Thwarted again, Klaw leaped into his massive sonic converter device (the Vibranium for which he had acquired criminally on the open market), hoping to gain superhuman powers to combat his foes. His gamble was successful and Klaw was transformed into a creature whose body was composed of "living sound".
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