Black Death
Black Death
Personal Info:
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Greenwich Guardian
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Gravity Vol.1 #1 (2005) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Gravity
Creators: Sean McKeever and Mike Norton
Enhanced Abilities: Black Death has low level superhuman strength, endurance and durability.
Darkforce Manipulation: Black Death can control and manipulate Darkforce energy for a number of effects including: Mental Blasts, Telekinesis and Flight.
The boy who would become Black Death desperately sought recognition for his abilities. He created the super-heroic identity of the Greenwich Guardian to achieve this goal, but the dream turned into a nightmare when his debut featured him getting thoroughly thrashed by the third-string super-villain known as the Jester. Utterly humiliated, the youth retired the Greenwich Guardian identity.
Taking on the villainous identity of Black Death instead, the former hero began terrorizing the NYU campus. During a fight with Rage, Black Death ran into the fledgling superhero Gravity. Fascinated by a new superhero in the same place that his career had come to an end, Black Death began stalking Gravity.
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