The Fiddler
The Fiddler
Personal Info:
Real Name: Ulrich Kuster
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Germany
First Appearance: Captain America Comics Vol.1 #7 (1941) Golden Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: Nazi Party
Base Of Operations: Nazi Germany
Grudges: Captain America
Creators: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
The Fiddler is a master of the violin who has enough skill to hit high notes that are powerful enough to cause pain, madness, rupture ear drums and cause death. He can also hypnotize a room full of people using his fiddle that leaves them emotionally drained.
The Fiddler was a Nazi operative whom learned the means of killing using his violin. Through it's high pitch tune it could cause pain, or madness before shattering a human beings ear drums. It could also be used to trigger off explosives while played on a certain vibrational frequency. He would be sent to America where his operatives would pose as butlers for prominent US Senators who were against the Nazi regime in Germany. Meanwhile, the Fiddler would set himself up as popular violinist who would get radio play in the area.
To this end, his spies would plant bombs within the Senators radios, making it so that they can only tune into the station that carried the broadcast of the Fiddler's performance. At a key moment during the show the Fiddler would hit his "Notes of Death" causing the correct vibration tone to cause the explosives to go off and kill the Senators in the resulting blast. The murders would attract the attention of Captain America and Bucky.
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