Personal Info:
Real Name: Mephista
Also Known As: Daughter of Mephisto, Jezebel
Place Of Birth: Hell (Mephisto's Realm)
First Appearance: Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme Vol.1 6 (1989) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Mephisto, Isolantionist, Strong Guy, Morrigan
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Hell (Mephisto's Realm)
Grudges: Doctor Strange
Creators: Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas and Jackson Guice
Enhanced Abilities: Mephista has super human strength, agility, endurance and durability.
Invulnerability: Mephista has a high degree of protection from physical and energy attacks.
Mystic Blasts: Mephista possesses the ability to generate and manipulate mystical blasts.
Magic: Mephista is a potent spell caster that can duel effectively with the Sorcerer Supreme Stephen Strange.
Teleportation: Jezebel is able to teleport herself and several others, but teleporting large groups seems to weaken her.
Dimensional Travel: Mephista is able to traverse dimensions.
Flight: Mephista her feathered wings to fly.
Shape-Shifting: Mephista is able to transform herself into any shape she desires.
Immortality: Mephista is immune to aging and functionally immortal.
Mephista is a powerful demon and the daughter of the powerful hell lord Mephisto and an unidentified human woman. Although possessing immense power she is relatively young and inexperienced.
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