Personal Info:
Real Name: Cache
Also Known As: Captain America, Mephisto
Place Of Birth: Inaplicable
First Appearance: Captain America Vol.3 #34 (2000) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: A.I.M., Protocide
Group Affiliation: A.I.M., Formerly Parliamech
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Captain America and SHIELD
Creators: Dan Jurgens and Art Thibert
Enhanced Abilities: Cache has developed a body superior to human flesh, having superhuman strength, durability, endurance and a level of super speed.
Genius Level Intelligence: Cache is a super computer come to life that can process and learn instantly to determine out comes, fighting counters, winning scenarios etc. He also uses the internet for any information he needs to access.
Shape Changing: Cache can alter his form holographically and transfer himself at any time to another location as long as he can get access to technology connected to a network.
Cache was programmed by Josh Hoard as a self-governing software program. It was secretly turned into an artificial intelligence by AIM to infiltrate Parliamech after Josh's program had penetrated AIM's system over the Internet. The powerful computer program took over Hoard's Internet service provider company Parliamech by becoming the CEO and started to take any data it could find. It also created itself digitally a humanoid body.
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