Dark Lady
Dark Lady
Personal Info:
Real Name: Tisiphone
Also Known As: Paula Harris
Place Of Birth: Olympus
First Appearance: Ghost Rider Vol.3 #77 (1996) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Ember, Lady Ash
Group Affiliation: The Furies
Base Of Operations: Land of Shades
Grudges: Ghost Rider
Creators: Ivan Velez Jr. and Salvador Larroca
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Dark Lady is a brutal and merciless warrior in both armed and unarmed combat and often fights with swords or any ancient weapons of her choosing.
Enhanced Abilities: Dark Lady has superhuman strength, durability and endurance.
Invulnerability: Dark Lady has a degree of invulnerability to physical and energy attacks.
Magic: Dark Lady can conceal herself from mortals except a person of their choosing, command powerful winds and channel energy similar to hellfire through her weapons. She can also mystically move matter around and can inflict violent headaches, seizures and hallucinations.
Flight: Dark Lady is able to fly.
One of the Greek Furies, Tisiphone is charged with punishing those who commit moral crimes against others especially those of anger. She is the sister of Megaera and Alecto.
Hearing the cries of vengeance from a gypsy woman who had been accused of being a witch and burned at the stake by Reverend Kale, the Furies assaulted him relentlessly. For seven days they made it rain blood and even killed one of the reverend's sons. He therefore made a pact with Mephisto to rid himself of the Furies, bartering away the soul of his other son, Noble Kale, in order for him to become the Ghost Rider. With his new powers, Noble slew the physical forms of the Furies.
The Furies slumbered in the Land of Shades until a cloaking spell that had been placed around the Ghost Rider was accidentally destroyed and awoke them. The Furies accosted the present Ghost Rider, Daniel Ketch, in order to learn where Noble Kale had gone.
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