Personal Info:
Real Name: Zenzi
Also Known As: Revealer
Place Of Birth: Niganda
First Appearance: Black Panther Vol.6 #1 (2016) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Zeke Stane, Vanisher
Group Affiliation: The People, Nigandan Army
Base Of Operations: Niganda
Grudges: Black Panther
Creators: Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stelfreeze
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Empathic Manipulation: Zenzi possesses the ability to read and control the emotions of others on a large scale. She is able to lift the emotional veil and reveal their deeper, truer selves and bring it to the surface. She can also use her powers to push the limits of the human body, allowing the soldiers of the People under her influence to march day and night without rest.[9] At their maximum potential, Zenzi's powers are capable of turning people into mindless beasts with enhanced speed, strength and durability.
Zenzi was a Nigandan woman with the ability to enhance and bring to light people's deepest emotions. When she was about to be killed by the troops of the late Erik Killmonger in the edge of a mass grave, she managed to affect her would-be executors and make them kill each other.
Zenzi became the leader of the Nigandan Army, and allied herself with Tetu, the head of the Wakandan rebel movement known as The People, and used her abilities to incite riots, bringing her into conflict with Black Panther.
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