Personal Info:
Real Name: Belladonna Bourdreaux
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: New Orleans
First Appearance: X-Men Vol.2 8
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former ally of Candra
Base Of Operations: USA
Grudges: Gambit
Gallery: Click
Plasma Generation: Belladonna possesses the ability to generate blasts of plasma.
Telepathy: Belladonna possesses the ability to read minds.
Belladonna Bourdreaux was born to the leaders of the Assassin's Guild, a powerful crime family/organization of hired killers operating out of New Orleans. She was born in a time when the Guild was involved in an ages-old conflict with the similarly structured Thieves' Guild, of which the mutant Remy LeBeau (later, Gambit) was born into. Although the two came from very different backgrounds, the two nevertheless became childhood friends. Belladonna and LeBeau's relationship was seen as a chance for an alliance between the Guilds, and the two were betrothed by their respective parents. However, LeBeau had grown dissatisfied with Guild life, and the marriage was the last straw. He ran away before the marriage could be consummated.
Over the years, Belladonna had acquired her own powers, and grew in bitterness toward LeBeau. The mutant External, Candra, was a driving force behind the Assassins' Guild, if not the unofficial leader, and held a grudge against LeBeau. Candra perpetuated Belladonna's hatred for him, and even helped Belladonna develop her powers to a greater potential.