Personal Info:
Real Name: Mon-Tog
Also Known As: Major Mon-Tog
Place Of Birth: Kree Empire
First Appearance: Inhumans Vol.1 #9 (1977) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: City-Keepers of the Stenth
Group Affiliation: Kree Empire; City-Keepers of the Stenth
Base Of Operations: Kree Space Station Web
Grudges: Inhumans
Creators: Doug Moench and Keith Pollard
Mon-Tog is trained in Kree military combat and claims to have never been defeated, before he met Black Bolt. He commands a small army of Kree warriors, similarly combat trained and armed with hand-blasters.
Enhanced Abilities: As with any Kree, Mon-Tog has enhanced strength, endurance and durability.
Neuro-Lance: Mon-Tog uses a Neuro-Lance, which can shock a victim's nervous system to the point of death.
As the "War of the Three Galaxies" drew near, Mon-Tog was stationed as commander of the Kree outpost that supervised the planet Stent, offering limited support to the City-Keepers against their enemies, the Demon-Rebels. He may also have directed the conversion of a number of humans on Earth into Kree slaves, who were to build bombs to weaken the nations of Earth, preparing it for conquest by the Kree.
A short time later, a group of Demon-Rebels, led by Warkon, and accompanied by the Inhuman Royal Family (and Falzon), were tricked into entering a ship which transported them to the Kree Space Station Web. They encountered Mon-Tog and attempted to pose as City-Keepers, but Skornn, of the real City Keepers, sent a message revealing the truth. The Inhumans and Demon-Rebels battled the Kree who tried to capture them.
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