Personal Info:
Real Name: Kimura
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: New X-Men Vol.2 #31 (2006) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Roughouse, Bellona
Group Affiliation: Formerly the Facility
Base Of Operations: Madripoor
Grudges: X-23
Creators: Craig Kyle and Paco Medina
Gallery: Click
Molecule Manipulation: Kimura possesses a limited ability to phase (pass) herself through the spaces between object's molecules both subsequently ending unharmed and undamaged, if she so chooses.
Density Invulnerability: Using a minor form of density control she compacts her molecules increasing Mass (weight) while keeping intact her Volume (size by length, width, and dept) this in effect increases her Density (damage durability) making her virtually indestructible and impervious to even adamantium weapons.
Psychic Defences: At some point following her encounter with Emma Frost Kimura had her mind shielded against telepathy.
Kimura was born to an abusive alcoholic father and a negligent mother. Her life at home also mimicked her life at school, where she was also abused and tormented by her peers. Through unspecified means and at some point in time, Kimura's grandmother became her caregiver. At once, her grandmother tried to heal the emotional damage inflicted upon Kimura through nurturing, love, and understanding.
However, by that point in time the emotional scars were permanent and her grandmother's attempts to reach her were futile. After her grandmother's fatal heart attack, Kimura took off, eventually coming into contact with the Facility. She then underwent some unspecified procedure that granted her physical invulnerability, density control, and reconstruction.
She then exacted revenge against those in her past who had wronged her. During her time at the Facility, Kimura eventually assumed the same abusive role as the people who victimized her in the past, particularly with X-23.
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