Black Baron
Black Baron
Personal Info:
Real Name: Rodney Kemp
Also Known As: Devil's Disciple, Full Moon Killer, Lord Kemp Baron Darkmoor
Place Of Birth: Darkmoor Castle, England
First Appearance: Super Spider-Man & Captain Britain Vol.1 #235 (1977) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: No known Associates
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Darkmoor Castle, England
Grudges: Captain Britain
Creators: Larry Lieber, Jim Lawrence and Ron Wilson
Black Baron is able to transform through magic into a vampire or a Werewolf. As a vampire Black Baron is a member of the living dead, virtually immortal and only able to be destroyed by direct sunlight, piercing of his heart, beheading, burning and scattering of his ashes, or using the magic Montesi Formula spell. Religious objects can also harm him and items made of silver. As a Werewolf he was vulnerable to silver.
Enhanced Abilities: Black Baron is a vampire and has enhanced strength, endurance and agility.
Vampire Bite: Black Baron’s bite inflicts damage and makes his victim subject to Black Baron’s telepathic commands.
Transformation: Black Baron can transform into a bat or a python.
Regenerative Healing Factor: Like all vampires, Black Baron can rapidly regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissues faster and more efficiently than an ordinary human.
Teeth and Claws: In werewolf form Black Baron has a set of razor sharp teeth and claws.
Summoning and Controlling: Black Baron as a werewolf can summon and control lesser animals such as wolves.
Hypnotism and Mind Control: Like all vampires, Black Baron has the ability to hypnotise most beings just by making eye contact with them for a few seconds. While under his influence, he can force people to do his bidding, though beings of great will power can resist him.
Magic: Black Baron can cast spells and this has included: animating inanimate objects, animating skeletons, creating illusions and controlling fire.
Three centuries ago, Rupert Kemp, the 7th Baron of Darkmoor and latest in a lineage of murderers, witches and feudal tyrants, studied the black arts and sold his soul to Satan for power and immortality. He was transformed into both a Vampire and a Werewolf, but his activities drew the attention of the authorities attention; dubbed the Black Baron he was accused of trafficking with the Devil, and his beloved fiancée, Demelza, was burned at the stake as a witch. Rupert went into hiding, later using his exceptional shape-shifting powers to pose as his own descendants. In the modern day, as Roddy, lord Kemp, he sated his lycanthropic side's lunar bloodlust, committing brutal murders in London, the newspapers credited as the "Full Moon Killer". Out on patrol to catch the serial killer, Captain Britain encountered him.
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