Gaius Tiberius Augustus Agrippa
Gaius Tiberius Augustus Agrippa
Personal Info:
Real Name: Flavius Scollio
Also Known As: Emperor
Place Of Birth: Rome
First Appearance: Fantastic Four Vol.1 #241 (1982) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Emperor Caligula
Group Affiliation: Roman Empire
Base Of Operations: Black Tower of M'Kumbe, Wakanda
Grudges: Fantastic Four and Black Panther
Creators: John Byrne
Body Armour: Gaius Tiberius's alien armour and helmet grant him vast mental powers, enabling him to control an entire city of slaves. He can cause others to fall instantly asleep or to fight against their will. He can rearrange matter to create his tower or a replica of Rome. He can nullify the powers of others, even to the point of returning the Thing to human form. The armour made him virtually immortal by converting him to energy, but he is dependent on containment within the armour to survive. He is also able to extend the lives of his subjects as long as he wishes it
Flavius Scollio was a soldier for Emperor Caligula stationed at an outpost in Africa. He was sent by his commander to investigate an anomalous phenomenon, which he discovered was a crashed alien spacecraft. The craft was inhabited by a single alien, which Flavius killed. He then donned the armour which imbued him with power to mentally manipulate his surroundings and advanced longevity. Using the armour, Flavius created the Black Tower of M'Kumbe in Wakanda, which housed a kingdom modelled after ancient Rome inside, where he resided for centuries. Over the years, Flavius captured people from the surrounding area to be his subjects.
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