Personal Info:
Real Name: Jimmy
Also Known As: Mad Dog 2020
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Web of Spider-Man Vol.1 #33 (1987) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Doctor Hope
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Spider-Man
Creators: Ann Nocenti, Cindy Martin, and Chris Marrinan
Gallery: Click
Brainstorm's insanity gives him a high tolerance for pain, he can also transform into a reptilian-like form.
Enhanced Abilities: Brainstorm has super human strength, durability and endurance.
Precognition: Brainstorm can see into the past and into alternate futures and can make others see these visions.
Illusion Projection: Brainstorm is capable of making others see their worst fears through illusions.
As a child, Jimmy burned down a hospital and was caught, this started his lifetime of being in an out of mental institutions.
At some point, Jimmy was sent to the Mad Dog Ward, where he came under the care of Doctor Hope. The Doctor initiated a new process of experimentation, by which he sought to bring out the primitive, reptilian part of the brain, which he saw as having greater potential then the human mind. Jimmy underwent this process and mutated dramatically.
Soon after, the new heads of the Mad Dog Ward came under fire from the investigation of reporter Maggie Lorca. The administrators forced Hope to send Brainstorm out to capture and silence Lorca by whatever means possible. Lorca was working with photographer Peter Parker, and so Spider-Man defended her from Brainstorm.
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