Rocket Racer
Rocket Racer
Personal Info:
Real Name: Henry Sleeman
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol.2 #13 (2000) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Tombstone, Big Ben, Hypno-Hustler
Group Affiliation: Tombstone's prison squad
Base Of Operations: Manhattan, New York City, New York
Grudges: Spider-Man
Creators: Howard Mackie and John Byrne
Gallery: Click
Rocket Skateboard: Rocket Racer's primary gadget is a rocket-propelled skateboard. This board is controlled by a cybernetic helmet device. The board is capable of reaching great speeds and has gyroscopic wheels that allow it to race up the sides of buildings.
Rocket Gloves: Rocket Racer has gloves that are able to fire small but powerful missiles, or allow him to deliver a rocket-powered punch.
Henry Sleeman was hired by an unnamed employer to befriend Robert Farrell and steal his Rocket Racer tech. He did so, taking the name "Troy" and befriending him for months. When Farrell finally showed him the gear, Sleeman knocked him out and stole it. He pursued Spider-Man with the intention of fighting him.
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