Personal Info:
Real Name: Clayton Wilson
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
First Appearance: Sub-Mariner Vol.1 67
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former employee of Justin Hammer
Base Of Operations: USA
Grudges: Iron Man
Creators: Steve Gerber and Don Heck
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: The armour enhances Forces strength, agility and endurance.
Force Field: Force’s armour generates a force field that offers considerable protection and can form a repulsion field centred on the armour, preventing attack and forcing any solid object in its radius to be repulsed out of range.
Flight: Force is able to fly.
Force Bolts: Force can generate and project force blasts.
EMP Pulse: Force can generate an EMP pulse that can dampen all electrical systems for six minutes, including the armour's own systems, once per hour.
Clay Wilson was a cocky young man when he invented the Force armour and decided to use it for personal gain. He began a long career as a criminal that brought him into conflict with superheroes such as the Sub-Mariner and Iron Man. Eventually he struck a deal with criminal industrialist Justin Hammer, where he would share half of the profits of his crimes with Hammer in return for Hammer's protection and financial backing.