Personal Info:
Real Name: Khoon
Also Known As: Khoon the Explorer
Place Of Birth: Unamed Dimension
First Appearance: Silver Surfer Vol.3 #68 (1992) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: The Wolfpack
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Silver Surfer and Doctor Strange
Creators: Ron Marz and Ron Lim
Enhanced Abilities: Khoon has super human strength, durability and endurance.
Battlesuit: Khoon wears an armoured battlesuit it enables him to navigate in the void of space or in the distortion of a Dimensional Corridor. It also enables him to resist powerful energy attacks.
Energy Blasts: Khoon's battlesuit enables him to fire powerful destructive energy blasts.
Magic Disruption: Khoon is able to disrupt magical energies with minimal effort.
Wolfpack: Khoon uses an army of hundreds of powerful robotic dogs, the Wolfpack. These can navigate through space, and are destructive enough that they could disable the ship of Galactus.
Longevity: Khoon's natural lifespan is unknown, but he has claimed to be millennia old.
Khoon was known as the greatest explorer of his people. He conquered land and space in his own dimension until nothing remained unknown. Yearning to explore the unknown, Khoon took a ship into the Dimensional Corridor, a gateway to other dimensions. However, the clashing inter-dimensional forces there proved to powerful for his ship and it tore itself apart.
Khoon's personal suit was sufficient to survive the destructive forces, and he escaped his ship. Finding the ship damaged beyond all hope of repair, he instead cannibalized the debris to construct his own automated servants, the Wolfpack, in hopes that their assistance could help him to escape the Corridor. To no avail, Khoon and his Wolfpack wandered the Corridor for millennia. Without a ship to provide further protection, he knew he would be destroyed should he attempt to breach the portals to other dimensions. During his time in the Corridor, he amassed complete navigational charts of the Corridor, which he stored in his battlesuit.
During the events known as the Infinity War, the Magus made his base at the far end of the Dimensional Corridor. Seeking to confront and defeat him, Galactus brought Dr. Strange, Nova and the Silver Surfer with him as he traversed the Corridor. The constant turbulence present in the Corridor rendered Galactus' ship's sensors useless, and all of its energies were necessary to provide constant repair from the turbulence in order to stay intact. Galactus and Strange were needed to track the Magus's power and direct the ship. Khoon sensed Galactus's ship, and sent his Wolfpack to disable it.
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