Black Talon
Black Talon
Personal Info:
Real Name: Pascal Horta
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Captain America Comics Vol.1 #9 (1941) Golden Age Villain
Known Associates: Nazi's
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Captain America, Bucky and Human Torch I
Creators: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby
The Black Talon has displayed some talent using a variety of weapons, including: Guns, Knives and a Flail. His transplanted hand is phenomenally strong.
Pascal Horta was a notable painter until an automobile accident crushed his right hand, leaving him unable to paint ever again. Full of hopelessness he refused to have his hand amputated, willing to let the onset of gangrene kill him. However, his doctors suggested a unorthodox technique. His doctor arranged to have African-American killer "Strangler" Burns donate his hand for a transplant before being executed in the electric chair for his crimes. Desperate to once again be able to paint, Horta agreed to the operation and had the criminal's hand transplanted onto his arm. Fearing of side effects, his doctor told him that if he would feel strange afterwards to see him right away.
Soon, Horta began painting images of death and violence. Believing that the hand of "Strangler" Burns was effecting his mind, Horta snapped and began calling himself the Black Talon. He then began targeting local artists. After murdering his victims he left a painting of their moment of death as his calling card to the authorities. His string of ghastly murders attracted the attention of Captain America and Bucky.
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