Snake Dance
Snake Dance
Personal Info:
Real Name: Littletrees (full name unrevealed)
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Marvel Spotlight Vol.1 #8 (1973) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Sam Silvercloud, Daimon Hellstorm
Group Affiliation: Former leader of the Apache and the Serpent-Men
Base Of Operations: Copperhead Canyon, Arizona
Grudges: Ghost Rider
Creators: Gary Friedrich and Mike Ploog
Magic: Snake Dance may have possessed impressive magical powers, or more likely, he could distort and influence the perceptions of others. He is immune to snake venom, and frequently had his serpents bite him to demonstrate his power to others. He can control snakes, either all of them, or a select group he had trained. Many, if not all, of these snakes possess lethal venom. He may have been able to effect transformations into a giant serpent, or this may have been illusion. He preyed on the superstition and desperation of his tribesman to gain their following.
Having inherited Crash Simpson's stunt show, Johnny Blaze and Roxanne left New York and headed to the American Midwest where Johnny was to star in the local rodeo and attempt a new feat of bravery, a leap across the nearby Copperhead Canyon. Little did he realise that his visit would put him in the middle of a bitter land dispute. The local American Indians, desperate to establish their claim on the area, did not relish the publicity Johnny Blaze would bring and were determined to stop him.
Despite the opposition he was facing, Johnny was still determined to jump Copperhead Canyon. While heading into the desert, he was attacked by the local witch doctor Snake Dance.
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