Personal Info:
Real Name: Jefferson Hercules Archer
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Detroit, Michigan, USA
First Appearance: US 1 Vol.1 #1 (1983) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Satan, Ozarks Kingpin
Group Affiliation: None
Base Of Operations: Highwayman Trucking Corporation, Florida
Grudges: US Archer, Ghost Rider and Deadpool
Creators: Al Milgrom and Herb Trimpe
Gallery: Click
Enhanced Abilities: The Highwayman has super human strength, endurance and durability.
Demonic Nature: Due to his status as a demonic entity, he lacks the normal human needs and weaknesses. If beheaded, the Highwayman can grow fingers from his neck to move and reattach himself to his neck. He can also repair shattered bones and re-grow flesh at will.
Truck: "Bertha", the Black Rig, or Bessie, the Blackrig is Highwayman's truck, it can heal from some injuries, ride up or down sheer cliffs, fly, and travel at hundreds of mph, at least. Its trailer was filled with voracious demons. He previously had another Blackrig who responded to his mental commands, flew (and was briefly adapted for space travel) and formed electro-force fields. It was suited with durable and puncture-resistant tires.
Jefferson Archer became a trucker at a young age, after the death of his parents. He put his dreams on hold in order to take care of other responsibilities like the welfare of his brother, Ulysses. He began to feel resentment which eventually turned to hatred, and Jefferson pursued supernatural means to restore his youth. Salvation soon came for him in the form of alien beings in search of truckers to pilot their star ships. Mistaking Jefferson for Ulysses, the aliens outfitted his truck with advanced technology, yet Jefferson spread a rumour his abilities came from demons. Changing his identity to the Highwayman, he became the scourge of truckers everywhere. Jefferson attempted to repeatedly end his brother's life - even hired agents Midnight and Baron von Blimp to do his bidding - but Ulysses consistently stopped them. Eventually, the aliens learned of their blunder and arranged for an orbital race between the brothers. Ulysses proved to be the better pilot, and Jefferson crashed his rig into the moon as his final attempt to kill his brother failed. The aliens took Ulysses and sent Jefferson back to Earth.
Back on Earth, the Highwayman was presumably inspired by his own false origin story, and contacted "Satan", who transformed him and gave him a new, living, Blackrig.
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