Pao Fu
Pao Fu
Personal Info:
Real Name: Lian Goh
Also Known As: Goddess of Vengeance
Place Of Birth: China
First Appearance: Ghost Rider Vol.3 #88 (1997) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Blackheart, Doghead, Verminus Rex, Wallow
Group Affiliation: Spirits of Vengeance
Base Of Operations: Blackheart's Hell-Realm
Grudges: Ghost Rider
Creators: Ivan Velez, Jr. and Karl Kerschl
Enhanced Abilities: Pao Fu has super human strength, endurance and durability.
Prehensile Hair: Pao Fu is able to animate her hair and use it to ensnare a victim. It is super humanly strong and was even capable of holding Ghost Rider.
Teleportation: Pao Fu is able to teleport in a blaze of 'Hellfire'.
Weapons: Pao Fu wields a 'Hellfire' charged sword, deadly enough to kill Ghost Rider.
Pao Fu's true identity is Lian, she had a life-long dream of emigrating to America. After her father passed away in China, Lian used all her money to book illegal passage on a tanker for herself and her brother Chin. However she bought two months of starvation and disease inside a foul-smelling cargo ship. Her brother died during the journey and his body was dumped into the ocean. She reached America and was forced into prostitution for a local crime boss named Lau Tak Wah. Lian attempted to escape when Lau Tak Wah was confronted by Ghost Rider. Shot during a fight between Ghost Rider and some of Wah's men, Lian would die in Ghost Rider's arms and her body was placed in the city morgue. The demon Blackheart arrived at the morgue and resurrected Lian as Pao Fu, the Goddess of Vengeance. Pao Fu became a loyal servant to Blackheart and joined his Spirits of Vengeance.
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