Captain Fate
Captain Fate
Personal Info:
Real Name: Jebediah Fate
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Man-Thing Vol.1 #13 (1975) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Dracula, Baron Blood, Lilith, Spitfire
Group Affiliation: Vampire Nation
Base Of Operations: His ship, The Serpent's Crown
Grudges: Captain Britain, MI:13 and Man-Thing
Creators: Steve Gerber, John Buscema and Tom Sutton
Captain Fate is skilled with a sword and pistol.
Serpent's Crown: Captain Fate commands a pirate ship that is capable of flight and is heavily armed.
Immortality: Captain Fate has been cursed to be immortal, he never ages and never dies. He cannot be killed by conventional means.
Jebediah Fate was first mate to Maura Hawke, aboard the Serpent's Crown pirate ship. Maura had learned of a tiny uncharted island containing a strange treasure tower, and she led her crew to take a small boat ashore. Maura scaled the otherwise sheer wall, then tossed a rope to the crew to help them to the top. There they found "booty beyond all of their dreams," which they had just begun to collect when the tower's creator, the satyr Khordes, appeared. Khordes told them that they could have all of the treasure they desired, if they would give him in exchange a woman with whom he could mate. Fate and the others betrayed Maura, leaving her behind with Khordes as they took their leave. Khordes removed the magical prison that held Maura, but she responded by skewering him with her cutlass. Maura was furious to learn that her crew had truly left her, and she cursed them all to never reach port, never enjoy their new found wealth, and to sail on forever, beyond time, beyond death. The dying Khordes used his magic to empower her curse.
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