Personal Info:
Real Name: Marie-Ange Colbert
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Lyons, France
First Appearance: New Mutants Vol.1 #16 (1984) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Beef, Bevatron, Catseye, Cypher, Empath, Firestar, Jetstream, King Bedlam, Roulette, Thunderbird, White Queen
Group Affiliation: Formerly Hellions, New Hellions
Base Of Operations: Formerly Massachusetts Academy, Snow Valley, Massachusetts
Grudges: New Mutants
Creators: Chris Claremont and Sal Buscema
Gallery: Click
Precognition: Tarot is able to foresee the events of her own future or the futures of other people, due to a combination of her mutant powers and the use of her tarot cards.
Postcognition: Tarot is also able to see past events with the combined use of her mutant powers and her tarot cards.
Psionic Will-Based Constructs: Tarot cand materialize and animate tangible images of the 2-D avatars/images on her tarot cards. Once materialized they are completely under her mental control and could do her bidding. The images are able to enter battle for her, protect her or even aid her in flight. They are not invincible but actually Energy/Will based constructs. If hit with enough force whether physical or psionic they will disperse. When Tarot re-emerged from her apparent resurrection she could use her mutant powers more finely. More in tune with her powers she was now able to assume the traits of the images on her tarot cards. Giving her a number of increased attributes of the card she was currently using. Her abilities were only increased when the cards were in use.
Metamorphic/ Power Mimicry: Tarot could physically assume the strengths and characteristics of the avatars on her tarot cards. In effect allowing her to become more effective in physical combat. Additionally she could wield the weapons and armour that her tarot cards were equipped with. Each skill was dependent on the card that she was using at the time.
Flight: Through use of her animate tarot cards she would grant flight. This was done by standing atop any of her flying cards and she would be lifted into the air.
The White Queen (Emma Frost) was on a personal mission to gain a foothold within the Hellfire Club and maintain it. In doing so, she came up with a brilliant idea: for the Hellfire Club to continue, securing future members would be integral. The White Queen decided to create a team of young Mutants loyal to her alone (though none would be aware of this) who would be eventual recruits of the Inner Circle. In doing so, they would, unquestionably, give their power to her and she would reach her goal. She would build, fund and run a school, similar to Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X), that would instruct young mutants in the use of their powers. It was named Massachusetts Academy, and it not only held high regard as one of the foremost private schools in the country, but it also served as her own training grounds for her team of proteges.
The White Queen needed to locate, secure and recruit future students; her Hellions, as she would name them. This needed to be done as quickly as possible. She would use her vast wealth and all of her telepathic might to comb the corners of the earth to search for her future pupils. To increase her mental powers, she even had a mutant tracking device created called "Mutivac', similar to Cerebro, with which she found the most success. She actively sought out young mutants that she thought could be of use, in both powers and personality.
Not much has been revealed of the early life of Marie-Ange Colbert prior to her enrolment at the Massachusetts Academy. Marie was born in Lyons, France, and was sent to a very strict French convent school at a very young age; nothing is revealed about her parents, or why they chose to send her there. The only link to Marie's past is a deck of tarot cards that she owns. The deck once belonged to her grandmother, whom she was named after, and was passed down to Marie directly by her grandmother. Marie, a few times, indicated as well that it was her grandmother that taught her how to use the tarot cards. Tarot has also mentioned that her grandmother was a powerful prophet and divined many incredible things.
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