Personal Info:
Real Name: Alexander Gentry
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Tales To Astonish 48
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former member of Batroc's Brigade, Maggia, former partner of Eel I, Scarecrow, Unicorn, former employee of Justin Hammer, Count Nefaria, Cowled Commander, Nebulon
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: None
Creators: Stan Lee and Don Heck
Gallery: Click
Body Armour: Porcupine’s armour gives him some resistance to physical and energy attacks.
Helmet: The helmet has a 6 hour air supply and has night vision lenses.
Spikes: The quills do damage when striking opponents.
Concussion Bombs: The Porcupine can fire three bombs at once.
Knock-Out Gas bombs: The Porcupine can fire three knock out gas bombs at once.
Rockets: Porcupine’s boot jets allow him to fly for up to 10 minutes.
Gentry was a U.S. government weapons designer who invented an armoured battlesuit coated in sharp, protective quills and outfitted with a host of concealed miniature weapons. Convinced that the government would give him virtually no credit or reward for his brilliant designs, Gentry kept the suit to himself and decided to use it for personal gain as a costumed criminal called the Porcupine.