Personal Info:
Real Name: Buel
Also Known As: Plasmmage, Gremlyn-Lord, God
Place Of Birth: Unamed dimension
First Appearance: Sensational Spider-Man Vol.1 #21 (1997) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Gremlyns
Group Affiliation: Ruler of the Gremlyns
Base Of Operations: A "dark, deviant and aberrant backwater dimension"
Grudges: Spider-Man and Doctor Strange
Creators: Todd DeZago and Mike Wieringo
Magic: Buel has a vast knowledge of magic, he usually uses his abilities to control flesh. Among the ways he has demonstrated this is contorting flesh and energy blasts which transformed flesh into liquid. He has also demonstrated teleportation.
Buel was a well-respected nobleman in his home dimension, and lived an idyllic life. However, he soon grew bored. He began to study magic, and swallowed a potion to grant him great powers. However, this mutated him, and the governing council of his dimension banished him to another dimension, where he gained control of the dimensions primary inhabitants, the Gremlyns.
The mystical group known as the Technomancers gained the powerful talisman known as the Sphere of Sara-Kath. Their leader, Gunther, was so excited that he forgot to turn off their creation, the Babylon Portal. Buel used this to break through. He and his Gremlyns took over the building.
Buel's arrival gained the attention of both Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, who discovered that the Babylon Portal was being powered by the Sphere, which was causing all the evils of the Nether-Realms to spread to Earth.
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