Blue Streak
Blue Streak
Personal Info:
Real Name: Jonathan Swift
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Heroes for Hire Vol.2 #3 (2006) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Gold Rush, Green Light, Redline, Silver Ghost
Group Affiliation: Fast Five, Army of Evil; formerly Hobgoblin, Agent of Ricadonna's Rogues
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Mighty Avengers
Creators: Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Francis Portela and Billy Tucc
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Rocket Skates: Rocket engines enable Blue Streak to reach speeds of 125 mph. He can leap 10 feet in the air, climb vertical services and retrorockets in the toes enable him to break instantly. Fuel limits him to 30 minutes of use.
Laser Gauntlets: Blue Streak has wrist mounted laser’s that emit a beam capable of melting through 2” steel plate in 30 seconds.
Body Armour: Blue Streak wears protective clothing that provides him with some protection from physical attack.
Tacks: Blue Streak carries tacks that puncture normal tires. He carries enough to cover 1000 square feet.
After the death of the original Blue Streak, a new criminal named Jonathan Swift took over the identity. This Blue Streak was among the villains who survived the Skrull tissue-grafting operation orchestrated by the crime mistress Ricadonna who offered Blue Streak this after freeing the villains from prison.
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