Personal Info:
Real Name: Jacques Duquesne
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Sin-Cong
First Appearance: Avengers Vol.1 19
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former member of Batroc's Brigade and Lethal Legion I
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: None
Creators: Stan Lee and Don Heck
Gallery: Click
The Swordsman possesses no superhuman powers, but is a world-class swords specialist.
Makluan Sword: The Swordsmans’s Makluan sword is outfitted with several devices. These are a disintegration beam, an electrical discharge, a flamethrower, and a stun gas spray
Originally the Swordsman was a star performer at various circuses and carnivals, where he did an act demonstrating his extraordinary mastery of knives, swords, and other bladed weapons. At one carnival he met a boy named Clint Barton in whom he saw great talent in archery. The Swordsman trained the boy, who idolized him, to be a secondary performer in his act. Eventually, the Swordsman came under pressure to repay a large gambling debt. When the carnival paymaster was robbed and Barton found the Swordsman in possession of the money, Barton fled in panic onto the high wire, which the Swordsman then slashed by hurling a sword. Barton fell to the ground, and the Swordsman left him for dead. But Barton was still alive, and grew up to become the costumed adventurer Hawkeye.
Over the years following his attempted murder of Barton, the Swordsman, in his costumed identity, led a notorious criminal career in Europe, during which he was deported from a dozen nations. Returning to the United States, he offered his services to the Avengers, intending to use his Avengers status to commit even greater crimes. However, the Avengers turned him down.