The Maker
The Maker
Personal Info:
Real Name: Reed Nathaniel Richards
Also Known As: Mister Fantastic, Mister Candyfloss, Stretcho, Danum Ket, Mr. Mystery, Dr. Richards, Supreme One, Holistic Man, Hybrid
Place Of Birth: Queens, New York City, New York
First Appearance: Ultimate Comics Ultimates Vol.1 #1 (2011) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Namor, Black Swan, Corvus Glaive, Maximus, Proxima Midnight, Terrax, Thanos, Nick Fury
Group Affiliation: Project Oversight, W.H.I.S.P.E.R., Church of the New Darkness; formerly Fantastic Four, Children of Tomorrow, Dark Ultimates, S.H.I.E.L.D., The Cabal
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: Mister Fantastic, Avengers, New Avengers and The Ultimates
Creators: Mark Millar, Brian Michael Bendis and Adam Kubert
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Elasticity: Reed's cells have been replaced with "pliable bacterial stacks," single cells which duplicate most of the larger functions of the human body. This allows Reed to stretch his body in myriad ways without disrupting the necessary functions of internal organs such as the heart, kidneys, muscles, or even brain. Reed can stretch any or all of his body parts long distances; assuming non-human shapes such as a sphere or parachute; or creating extra appendages and even linked bodies capable of holding conversations with himself. According to Sue's mother, Reed's abilities allow him to stretch his brain in order to accommodate and solve almost any problem, thus making him effectively a human computer.
Super-Genius Intelligence: Reed Richards is a child prodigy and possesses a keen scientific intellect, decades ahead of his time. This intelligence has recently been augmented by his new powers. Reed holds multiple doctoral level degrees in theoretical and applied physics fields. Richards' IQ is 267, and he was stated to be a "Level Twelve Intellect" by Tony Stark. However, when Reed cantered his operations in the Prime Marvel Universe, he discovered the subtle differences in composition between this reality and his home universe impaired his intellect, on account of differing laws of science that he identified as more "flamboyant" and more "fantastic".
Immortality: According to Reed himself, his biology is not based on the principle of entropy causing him to have unnatural longevity. Furthermore, he states he neither has to take in nourishment or excrete waste, lacks any need for a vascular system or oxygen, has survived in vacuums like the N-Zone, and possibly fails the definition of being alive. All this allowed him to spend close to one thousand years inside the Dome without outward signs of physical aging.
Multiversal Omnipresence: Due to the Molecule Man's tampering, the Maker exists in every universe at once, with each body in every universe sharing the same single consciousness. He has used this condition to pass objects from one universe to another, such as when he teleported immediately to his body in the Marvel Universe a weapon taken from Earth-7918.
Impact Suit: Reed, like the rest of the Fantastic Four, wears an impact suit that can adjust itself to his abilities. To this end, whenever Reed stretches or compresses himself, the suit takes on the same malleability his body possesses.
The Maker is in fact an alternate version of Reed Richard's (Mister Fantastic). In the Ultimate universe, Richard's is 20 years younger than his mainstream counterpart and is the leader of The Fantastic Four. Unlike his 616 counter part, he was born in a normal family, but with an extremely gifted intellect. Bullied for being super-intelligent, he had an upstanding friend in Ben Grimm who looked out for him. His mom tried to relate to her son, but his dad didn't appreciate his gifts until a representative from the Director of the Mainland Technology Development told the Richards' that they would pay the family to allow Reed to attend a school for genius children at the Baxter Building. While there, Reed met Susan Storm and her little brother Johnny while he also continued developing technology that would access the N-Zone. Years later, the project found Reed, Sue, Johnny, Victor van Damme, and even Ben together in Nevada to test their opening to the N-Zone. It was a test which changed them all, imbuing them with super powers and creating the Fantastic Four.
Reed played hero, using his intelligence as well as his stretching abilities, but the team eventually fell apart, which also saw Reed and Sue break up. Though it seemed like he died in an explosion, it was revealed that Reed was still alive and obsessively looking for alternate realities.
Reed set up shop in the Negative Zone and created alien-like beings that he used to steal more equipment and resources. A whole army of heroes and S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers attacked and destroyed his new base, but Reed survived travelling to a far-flung future where he spent a thousand years, but did not age physically. Now going by name "the Maker", he even expanded his own head to fit his larger brain!
The Maker made his way to Earth-616, when the Galactus of that reality threatened the Ultimate one.
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