Personal Info:
Real Name: Samuel Sterns
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Boise, Idaho
First Appearance: Tales To Astonish 62
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Former partner of Chameleon, Rhino, Glob, Jackdaw, Half-Life II, Rock, Redeemer
Base Of Operations: Mobile
Grudges: The Hulk
Gallery: Click
Hyper-Intellect: The Leader's super-developed brain is his chief gamma radiation mutation. His logic is always sound, and his hunches are usually on target. He has total recall of anything he has ever seen or read. The Leader possesses enhanced intuition, pattern solving, information storage and retrieval.
Mental Powers: The Leader can project psionic energy for various purposes such as, rendering people unconscious, placing people under his mental control, mental projections, and erecting force fields. The Leader has developed a psychic link with the human Rick Jones, seeing and experiencing everything that Jones does, and has access to Jones' memories and talents. Jones himself is unaware of this link.
Technology: The Leader is a technological genius. He has invented several robots, weapons, and other equipment to facilitate his conquest of the planet. He has developed Monivac, a sentient computer that maintains the leader's base of operations, and a functioning teleportation pad with a global range.
Samuel Sterns was a high school drop out who later became an ordinary labourer for a government-owned chemical research facility in the Nevada desert. One day, when he was moving a load of radioactive waste in the sub-cellar, a cylinder containing unusual gamma-bomb experimental waste exploded. Sterns was caught in the blast and was trapped in close proximity to the gamma radiation given off by the spilled waste for about a minute. He survived, apparently unharmed, and was placed under observation in a nearby hospital. Sterns, a high school drop out, began voraciously reading every book in the hospital library. His reading rate increased to 4000 + words per minute with complete retention. The precise frequency of gamma radiation had affected his body and particularly his brain, even as it had affected Dr. Bruce Banner's body in a previous accident that unleashed the monster known as the Hulk.
Several weeks after being discharged from the hospital, Stern's gamma-induced mutation completed itself; his brain and skull enlarged to five times their former volume, and his skin turned a bright emerald green. Stern left his job, deciding to use his recently acquired superhuman intelligence to acquire personal power, and named himself the Leader.