Dark Wasp
Dark Wasp
Personal Info:
Real Name: Janet van Dyne
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Cancerverse
First Appearance: Thanos Imperative Vol.1 #3 (2010) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Many-Angled Ones, Lord Mar-Vell, Revengers
Group Affiliation: The Revengers
Base Of Operations: Cancerverse
Grudges: Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Silver Surfer and Quasar
Creators: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Miguel Sepulveda
Bio-Synthetic Wings: Due to small implanted insect wings, the Wasp can fly at incredibly fast speeds. Her flight speed can also allow her to gain a form of superhuman reflexes and agility, being able to easily evade targets and attacks.
Wasp's Sting: The Wasp can generate powerful bio-electric blasts from her hands that have been shown to be capable of cutting through high-density structures and are also able to cause extreme pain to superhumanly strong and highly durable beings and can pierce their skin.
Size Reduction: Due to long-term exposure to Pym Particles, The Wasp can reduce herself in size, down to the dimensions of the insect from which she takes her name, roughly 1/2 inch in height. She usually chooses not to retain her standard density while at this reduced mass, but can choose to do so at will. The "lost" mass is shunted to a pocket dimension for later retrieval. Additionally, her strength is boosted while she is at reduced size, to the extent that she can bend a one-inch diameter steel bar almost double. Her size allows her to be easily unnoticed in most cases, allowing her to become stealthy in some cases.
After the Cancerverse was corrupted by the Many-Angled Ones and Death was vanquished by Lord Marvel, Wasp and her fellow Avengers were corrupted and placed under Mar-Vell's service, now calling themselves The Revengers. They fought against the forces of Earth-616 in an attempt to corrupt that reality as well.
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