Personal Info:
Real Name: Peter
Also Known As:
Place Of Birth: Unrevealed
First Appearance: X-Factor Vol.1 31
Known Associates:
Group Affiliation: Ally of Nanny
Base Of Operations: New York, Greater US
Grudges: X-Factor
Creators: Louise Simonson and Walt Simonson
Gallery: Click
Orphan-Maker may be a mutant, but has yet to exhibit powers aside from those of his hi-tech battle suit. Also, he presumably has had his age frozen, so that he remains intellectually and physically a child.
Battle Suit: Orphan-Maker is highly resistant to most form of attack, and has certain reflective properties that allow him to deflect energy attacks such as Cyclops' optic blasts.
Weapons: Orphan-Maker is equipped with large guns that fire destructive energies. When he was outfitted with his new armour the suit had the capability of forming guns out of its hands.
The full story behind the Orphan-Maker has yet to be revealed. Apparently, Peter was held captive in Mister Sinister's "orphanage" for some purpose, but Mr. Sinister had instead decided that Peter was too uncontrollable and must be killed. Somehow, the cyborg Nanny discovered this and rescued Peter, making him into the first of her "Lost Boys (and Girls.)" Then, under Nanny's direction, Peter, as the Orphan-Maker, began to kill the parents of young mutants (and thus "orphaning" them,) kidnapping them, and abducting them to Nanny.