Personal Info:
Real Name: Serafina
Also Known As: Sarah
Place Of Birth: Conquistador
First Appearance: X-Men Vol.2 #188 (2006) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Sangre, Cadena, Perro, Corregidora, Martillo, Olvido, Aguja, Luz, Piedra Dura
Group Affiliation: Children of the Vault
Base Of Operations: The Vault
Grudges: X-Men
Creators: Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo
Mind Control: Serafina has ability to take over others' minds, and can use their powers at will by connecting to them with her wires.
Technopathy: Serafina is able to disrupt or manipulate the processes of advanced machinery, even nano-machines.
Cloaking: Serafina infiltrated the X-Mansion undetected, both invisible to the naked eye and to telepaths. Whether she actually became invisible or used telepathy to erase her presence for the minds of others is unknown. She can also extend her cloak to an entire aircraft, or to other similarly augmented individuals, through the use of her technopathy.
Serafina is a member of the Children Of The Vault. Their origin began in the 1970s with a research group under Bella Pagan, a temporal physicist. Their theories on temporal acceleration and parallel evolution were ignored by the scientific community at large, and they eventually turned to the Chilean government for funding. They convinced their providers to lease them the tanker El Conquistador, which was converted into a laboratory for their research. The team dropped off the map after the coup of 1973, which destroyed most records of the transaction.
The project remained shrouded in mystery until Doctor Casales, a member of the original team, hired the mutants Sabretooth and Pasco to kill his associates. Casales felt remorse over the unethical actions his team had performed, and hoped to erase any evidence of his involvement. After killing Casales, Sabretooth and his associate found the location of the tanker. The Children became determined to stop Sabretooth before he alerted the entire world to their existence. Five members were sent to kill him as he fled to the X-Mansion seeking asylum.
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