Zeng Zu
Zeng Zu
Personal Info:
Real Name: Zeng Zu
Also Known As: Fu Manchu, Han, Devil Doctor, Doctor Fu Manchu,Comte de Saint Germain, The Ghost, Devil Doctor Daddy
Place Of Birth: Honan, China
First Appearance: Special Marvel Edition Vol.1 #15 (1973) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Zaran, Aloysius Thorndrake, Max Fury, Shadow Council
Group Affiliation: Elder Brother of the Sorcerer Brothers; Co-founder and Leader of the Five Weapons Society; Leader of the Celestial Order of the Si-Fan, Celestial Order of the Hai-Dai and the Order of the Golden Dawn; overlord of the criminal syndicates of the Triads; Ally of the Shadow Council
Base Of Operations: Fu Manchu's Fortress, Honan, China
Grudges: Shang-Chi and the Secret Avengers
Creators: Sax Rohmer, Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin
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Zeng Zu is skilled in all of the martial arts that are known to mankind, a master of disguise and skilled in animal magnetism (aka, mystic hypnotism).
Genius-Level Intellect: Zeng Zu invented the mind control mimosa which could be dispersed in the atmosphere, developed a transmitter to brainwash people via television, built a huge subterranean mountain fortress, made plans to knock the moon from its orbit, built the Hellfire lighting ray weapon which could destroy cities, genetically engineered "aliens", created giant arthropods (spiders, praying mantis, scorpions), and mutate human-animal hybrids.
Magic: Zeng Zu is a Magician with several magic-based abilities; striking / moving human targets from a distance, and causing explosions.
Zheng Zu and his twin brother were once blacksmiths in ancient China. They forged the magical Eyes of the Dragon, which drew power from an unknown deity. Zheng Zu then betrayed his brother and sacrificed him as part of a ritual using the eyes in order to gain immortality. His origins were forgotten in time and he adopted many aliases over the years to hide his past.
Over the years, Zheng Zu learned martial arts, the various scientific disciplines, and esoteric knowledge at a monastery. In the modern day, Zheng Zu adopted the name Fu Manchu and created the false origin that he was empowered by the Elixir of Life. He became a crime lord, the shadow emperor of a worldwide invisible empire with a globe-spanning army of highly trained fanatical killers. At his command were the killers of various cults and secret societies, including; the Dacoits, the Thugees, the Phansigars, the Hashishin, and others. Zheng Zu had the intellect of three geniuses and the world's most beautiful women as his pawns. He is the father of Shang-Chi.
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