George Wong
George Wong
Personal Info:
Real Name: George Tam Wong
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Punisher Vol.2 #17 (1989) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Kingpin
Group Affiliation: Formerly the Triad and the Tong
Base Of Operations: Chicago, Illinois
Grudges: The Punisher
Creators: Mike Baron and Whilce Portacio
George has no superhuman abilities, but he is highly intelligent, especially in accounting, mathematics, and criminal strategy. He is quite athletic, with some training in the martial arts, and is proficient in the use of knives (especially the butterfly knife), as well as firearms. He is experienced with high-tech computer equipment, such as a spectrographic scanner, which he kept in his briefcase.
George used to be a caddy for his uncle Arthur. After Microchip introduced a computer virus into the Kingpin's systems, he summoned Mr. Wong to do his accounting by hand. Mr. Wong brought his nephew, George, as well as his (Mr. Wong's) personal assassin, Mr. Lem.
George stood by silently as the Kingpin discussed his problems with the Punisher. When the Kingpin's young computer expert, Board, mouthed off to the Kingpin, Mr. Wong offered George's services, telling Fisk that George would deem it an honour to chastise the boy. Fisk gave the ascent, and with a punch and a kick, George successfully taught the Board proper respect.
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