Tyler Stone
Tyler Stone
Personal Info:
Real Name: Tyler Stone
Also Known As: Ty, Alchemax V.P.
Place Of Birth: New York City, New York Earth-928
First Appearance: Spider-Man 2099 Vol.1 #1 (1992) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: Winston, Doctor Doom 2099, Specialist, Venom 2099, Venture
Group Affiliation: Alchemax's Board of Directors, The Fist; formerly Black Cabinet
Base Of Operations: Blackthorne Prison, New York City, New York, 2019 A.D.
Grudges: Spider-Man 2099
Creators: Peter David and Rick Leonardi
Tyler Stone has no super human powers, however he is head of Alchemax International, a powerful corporation which controlled United States of America in year 2099 A.D. He has access to several private police force services, including the Public Eye and Eco Central. He also has access to highly advanced technology.
Not much is known about Tyler's early history. He married Nancy Herod, daughter of an powerful Alchemax Executive, Anthony Herod, for additional wealth or power, and theirs was a mostly loveless marriage. Nancy's father, Anthony Herod, held an high-ranking position at Alchemax, and someone evoking his name was one of the few things that could give Tyler pause. Around the time Nancy gave birth to their son, Kron, Tyler was having an affair with Conchata O'Hara, wife of one of his employees. Conchata became pregnant and gave birth to Tyler's illegitimate son, Miguel O'Hara, who was raised without knowing who his biological father was. Only Tyler and Conchata knew the secret at first, but Nancy admitted she knew the truth to Conchata when Miguel was a teenager, and the two women inexplicably bonded over their poor taste in men. Later, Conchata once hinted that Tyler was responsible for his wife's demise, and she had evidence she could turn over to Anthony Herod if anything ever happened to her.
At some point, Tyler become employed by Alchemax Corporation, serving as a Director at the company's Executive Board, chaired by the reclusive Chief Executive Officer, Avatarr. As the corporation's Vice President in charge of the Research & Development Department, Stone headed several projects, including the Corporate Raider Program, the Nova Atlantea undersea colony and the Ares Colony Project, originally codenamed Mars One.
Eventually, Miguel O'Hara grew up to become a geneticist working for Tyler at Alchemax on the Corporate Raider Program. When Miguel developed a troubling conscience over human testing, Tyler seemingly had Miguel addicted to the highly potent drug 'Rapture'. Since Alchemax controlled the distribution of Rapture, Tyler was confident Miguel would stay on the program to ensure his supply. Miguel's efforts to rid himself of the addiction using Corporate Raider technologies ended up giving him Spider-Powers, and making him a thorn in Alchemax's side as Spider-Man.
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