Mother Night
Mother Night
Personal Info:
Real Name: Susan Scarbo
Also Known As: Suprema
Place Of Birth: Teaneck, New Jersey
First Appearance: Captain America Vol.1 #123 (1970) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Minister Blood, Red Skull, Sin, Sister Agony, Sister Death, Sister Dream, Sister Pleasure, Blackwing, Crossbones, Cutthroat, Jack O'Lantern, Machinesmith, Sleeper, Voice
Group Affiliation: Sisters of Sin, Skeleton Crew
Base Of Operations: The Red Skull's chalet, Colorado
Grudges: Captain America
Creators: Stan Lee and Gene Colan
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Mother Night is trained in karate, making her a competent hand-to-hand combatant.
Hypnosis: Mother Night is an expert at hypnosis, and can use her talents to generate illusions, make herself seem invisible, assume the appearance of others, and force others to obey her will.
Equipment: Mother Night utilises certain devices hidden in her jewellery, including a necklace designed by the Tinkerer that releases a gas that helps her subvert others' wills, and can project "dark light" to camouflage herself in shadows, or to temporarily blind an opponent.
Susan Scarbo, along with her brother Melvin Scarbo, was a stage hypnotist who turned to crime under the name Suprema. Using their hypnotic ability, they began to recruit an army. Scarbo began taking over criminal gangs in New York by subverting their leaders' minds.
Once this was accomplished, she attempted to take over the international espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D., but her plans were thwarted by Captain America.
The Scarbos were agents of the Exiles, allies of the Red Skull who awaited his return to the modern era. When the Red Skull conceived an heir, but disappointingly had a daughter instead of a son, he was prepared to hurl the infant to her death before Scarbo stepped in. She convinced the Skull to let her raise his daughter to the same depths of hatred as him, and the Skull ultimately relented. Scarbo served as nanny and educator to his daughter, named Sinthea.
Scarbo raised Sinthea as Sin, leader of the Sisters of Sin. Scarbo resurfaced as Mother Night with the Sisters of Sin running the so-called Camps of Hate-camps set up to recruit disaffected teenagers and subvert them to her will. This plan was opposed again by Captain America.
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