Personal Info:
Real Name: Lee Price
Also Known As: Venom
Place Of Birth: Queens, New York City, New York
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha Vol.1 #1 (2018) Modern Age Villain
Known Associates: 8-Ball, Black Cat, Brothers Grimm, Hammerhead, Killer Shrike, Looter, Melter, Scorpion
Group Affiliation: Formerly U.S. Army Rangers, Black Cat's Gang
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Spider-Man, Mania and Venom I
Creators: Mike Costa and Gerardo Sandoval
Enhanced Abilities: Maniacís strength, endurance, reflexes, speed and durability are all super humanly enhanced by the alien symbiote.
Healing Factor: Maniac is capable of healing injuries at a much faster rate than normal human healing allows.
Wall-Crawling: Maniac can adhere to vertical and upside down surfaces.
Immunity - Spider Sense: Maniac is completely immune to Spider-Manís danger sense. He never triggers the sense when he fights Spider-Man.
Camouflage Capabilities: Maniac's symbiote is capable of shape-shifting to mimic the appearance of any form of clothing, can camouflage with its surroundings to appear invisible, and can even mimic the appearance of other people.
Constituent-Matter Generation: Maniac's symbiote can use the living abyss comprising its matter to generate tendrils and pseudopods, and can use this for lethal effect against criminals.
Constituent-Matter Manipulation: Like many users of the symbiote species, Maniac can conjure and utilise symbiote biomass in order to create his own colourful arsenal physiological extremities.
Webbing Generation: Maniac's symbiote can convert its constituent matter into strands of white or black webbing, which it can shoot from the white patches on the back of its hands at high pressure up to a distance of 70 feet.
ESP: Although the Maniac symbiote does not possess a spider-sense, it possesses a similar extrasensory ability.
Mental Control: Through its lesser cast-offs, the Maniac symbiote covered the afflicted persons face with symbiote biomass in the form of a mask and put them under its wearer's control. People who Maniac has used this ability on and who had been freed from his control developed antibodies to the symbiote and could not be re-infected by it.
Symbiote Re-Spawning: When Maniac used it on another individual who'd already bonded with it or another symbiote prior to their assimilation, it also had the effect of generating a whole new symbiotic costume over its host, bestowing a form of hybridization alongside the change.
Size Enhancement: After his Inklings were defeated, Maniac found he could recollect the pieces of the symbiote he had distributed and absorb them back into himself. This resulted in the symbiote growing to monolithic proportions while also increasing his strength, power, and ferocity.
Lee Price was born in Queens, New York and had a rough life growing up. He was constantly bullied and watched his mother being periodically beaten up by his father. To escape the difficulties of life he burned down his house and killing his parents. He framed a mutant boy who had pyrokinesis. Lee was taken to protective service and stood there five years as a ward before joining the Army Rangers. He got injured in a mine explosion that killed a couple of his squad members and he himself lost two fingers. He had to retire as a veteran due to his injury.
Faced with eviction from his apartment, Lee accepted a job from Scorpion to work as muscle for Black Cat's gang during an arm's deal with Tombstone's crew. After delivering the package things escalated when Tombstone refused to pay, both factions pulled their guns on each other and Lee was going to get shot when the Venom symbiote intervened desperately looking for a new host. Lee overpowered the symbiote's will and it used it to kill every single one of Tombstone's crew, he even killed Black Cat's men and his childhood friend in order to keep in secret his possession of the symbiote. Lee operated as Venom until he was separated from the Symbiote when it chose to return to Eddie Brock.
After a period of imprisonment, he was released and with a group of thugs ambushed Mania with a sonic cannon and flamethrowers injuring her and separating her from her symbiote. Lee took the symbiote for himself and named himself Maniac. After that he went to New York where he recruited other super-villains by infecting them with pieces from the symbiote.
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