Personal Info:
Real Name: Richard Fisk
Also Known As: The Rose, Blood Rose, Supreme Hydra
Place Of Birth: Unknown
First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Vol.1 #83 (1970) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Wilson Fisk, Vanessa Fisk
Group Affiliation: Leader of his own crime gang.
Base Of Operations: New York City
Grudges: Spider-Man and the Kingpin
Creators: Stan Lee and John Romita Sr.
The Schemer has good organisational skills, he is a talented inventor of weapons and other gadgets. He is also a well-trained athlete.
Weapons: The Schemer carries a pistol, has a sword-like rod and stun nozzle built into cape and carries smoke grenades.
Car: The Schemer drives around in a car that is specially-equipped with heat jets, a battering ram, EMP technology, and hovering capabilities.
Richard Fisk was born to Wilson and Vanessa Fisk within the first year of their marriage. Vanessa was, at the time, disturbed to learn of her husband's criminal affiliations and tendencies. Vanessa pressured Wilson to send Richard to private schools for his education, as she sought to protect him from his father's influence.
As a student in the Swiss Alps, Richard worked to be the best he could, studying hard and exercising regularly, trying to be as successful as his dad and bragging about his father constantly. When news that Wilson Fisk was the Kingpin of crime hit the papers, Richard was teased by the other students, and Richard rode despondently away on a ski lift, disappearing. Richard was believed dead in an accident, and authorities found a note he had left for his father. Kingpin got this news but kept it a secret from Vanessa for months.
Richard used his family fortune to craft a costumed identity (The Schemer) for himself, as well as weaponry, including a trick costume and a weaponised car. He put together a plot to go to New York and, with his men, overthrow the Kingpin.
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