Shaka Kharn
Shaka Kharn
Personal Info:
Real Name: Shaka Kharn
Also Known As: No known Alias
Place Of Birth: Ancient China
First Appearance: Master of Kung Fu Vol.1 #46 (1976) Bronze Age Villain
Known Associates: Fu Manchu, Si-Fan
Group Affiliation: Si-Fan
Base Of Operations: China
Grudges: Shang-Chi
Creators: Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy
Shaka Kharn is a legendary warrior, mastering the use of several ancient martial arts and weapons.
Longevity: Shaka Kharn created and uses the Elixir Vitae to extend his life.
Many years in the past, Shaka Kharn was the greatest legendary warrior of ancient China. At an unknown time he discovered how to produce the Elixir Vitae and used it to extend his life. He was eventually killed and his bones were scattered all across the globe.
Fu Manchu planned Shaka Kharn's resurrection for almost a decade. He had his henchmen retrieve a giant oyster from the sea and explode the giant pearl in the giant oyster. In the fragments, Fu Manchu found the skull of Shaka Kharn. The skull was reunited with the skeleton of his body, and Fu Manchu, using his knowledge of biology and cloning, revived Shaka-Kharn and clothed him in his original armour. Shaka Kharn needed repeated bathing in the nourishing Elixir Vitae to sustain his new life.
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